We are a full-service creative consultancy dedicated to searching for hidden truths and alternate planes of experience

Identify brand persona, core objectives and key areas of focus to create a unique and consistent voice that speaks directly with your target audience.

We collaborate with a diverse community of creative individuals to develop innovative branded content, including video production, print publications, and online media.

Build a comprehensive digital platform to connect with online consumers, integrating ad targeting, email marketing, keyword research, and SEO optimization.

Increase exposure and brand recognition with strategized media communications and influencer seeding, along with in depth performance analysis for distribution opportunities.

Enhance engagement and build community through social media, identifying demographics, connecting with influencers and sharing on-brand content across each platform.

Align your vertical, wholesale, and e-commerce objectives with a cohesive brand experience, community partnerships, events, and activations to increase sales and brand loyalty.

Finding Paradam

pær.ə.dam: An object which reveals itself only to those that know how to see it.

A multi-disciplinary creative consultancy designed to communicate with the collective consciousness and achieve harmony between the external narrative and fundamental truth. As traditional markers of consumer identity become increasingly fading concepts, we focus on developing new modes of guidance for these uncertain times with community-based marketing, mindful messaging, and brand self-awareness. In a landscape engineered to exploit creativity and overwhelm audiences with information, human beings are looking deeper to connect with their individual sense of self, aligning personal values with the products, organizations, and social movements they support.

We collaborate with innovative companies, entrepreneurs, and artists that regard authenticity as todays most valuable currency. By disseminating our mantra across an oversaturated digital frontier, we aim to cultivate a spiritual lingua franca between the fractured aesthetics of culture, design, fashion and holistic wellbeing.